Think First Equity Crowdfunding Town Hall - Austin

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Wednesday, November 12 2014 10:00 AM 11:30 AM
ABOUT ABOUT presents a free equity crowdfunding town hall meeting for Texas business owners interested in selling shares in their businesses to raise capital. Attendees will learn about Texas' new intrastate equity crowdfunding rules at any one of our educational workshops happening in cities across Texas. This training event is open to the general public, the small business community, banking professionals and investor community. 

What to Expect:

  • The town hall meeting is designed to help Texas residents understand how the rules apply to issuers (Texas-based businesses), equity crowdfunding platforms, and non-accredited investors.
  • Attendees will receive materials and tools on how to register with the state, file disclosure forms and tips on complying with state regulations. 
  • Attendees will learn who is eligible to market securities in the State of Texas, the proper process for launching an equity crowdfunding campaign, which platforms are registered with the state and what investors can do to protect themselves. 
  • Issuers will receive tips on how to create a transparent and successful crowdfunding campaign. 
  • Local experts will share how equity crowdfunding may economically impact local businesses and communities.



Patricia A. Loutherback, Director of Registration for Texas State Securities Board 

Hall T. Martin, Direcgtor of Texas Entrepreneur Network

Cynthia Nevels, Founder of



  • Sign-In
  • Networking
  • Introductions
  • Panel Presentations
  • Questions and Answers

Register early because seats are limited. Sponsored by GoldStar Trust Company, meap3 and


and networking starts promptly at 10:00am CDT. 

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4849 W. Illinois Avenue Bldg B Suite B111